Terms of Use

Demonstration Membership

The Telescope.Net service can be evaluated by opening a demonstration membership at: http://go.itelescope.net/register

Demonstration memberships include:
- View only access to all telescope system, you will not be able to run any observing plans.
- 40 free points which can be used towards your first subscription.
- A full evaluation can be obtained by upgrading your account to a starter-trial subscription

iTelescope.Net Points

The currency used on iTelescope.Net is points. We bill in USD, GBP, EUR and AUD. Points are consumed based on the amount of imaging time you use on a telescope.  Each telescope has a points per imaging hour rate, which is displayed in real time when you login to the Launchpad. 

Each membership plan has a fixed number of points which is credited to your account every 28 days. Additional points can be purchased at any time.

Telescope Access

Access to the telescope system is granted via the iTelescope.Net launchpad at http://go.itelescope.net

Access Restrictions

Full fee paying members have unrestricted access to each of the telescopes systems as long as your account balance has 10 or more points in credit, otherwise your account may be restricted until the balance is raised above 10 points.

Account Hibernation

If your account is inactive for more than 90 days, we may remove your account from the remote telescope systems, when your account becomes active again, by login back into the launchpad, your account will be re-activated on the remote telescope systems.

Non Members

If your account contains a points balance and you do not have an active subscription, the network can still be used. However you will be charged at the full list price (see No Plan), please refer to the launchpad at time of login for full pricing details. It is recommended that you subscribe to a membership plan if you wish to continue to use the network.

Negative Account Balance

From time to time it maybe possible for scheduled observing plans to run over time, due to a number of technical reasons outside our direct control. It is the members responsibility to reasonably ensure you have enough points in your account to pay for your intended session.

This can be evaluated by the current points per hour cost of the system, from the launchpad at time of login, times the amount of hours your plan to use the system. Example 45 points per hour x 1.25 hours = 56 points. iTelescope.Net reserves the right to issue you an invoice for negative account balances when reasonable duty of care was not exercised by the member.

Telescope Availability

Availability is subject to weather conditions, scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance, and reservations. Telescopes are offered on a first come first served basis. iTelescope.Net makes every effort make telescope systems available however from time to time we may have to take telescope systems down for servicing. 

Progress updates are normally posted on the launchpad and twitter.

iTelescope.Net can not guarantee our service will be 100% available and fault free, due to the technical nature of the remote operation.


Telescopes can be reserved four hours before the intended start time. If a reservation exists, the current members session will be terminated. If the reservation is active and the telescope is available, you have 10 mins to show up to your reservation before it is cancelled. iTelescope.Net reserves the right and may charge your account for the full reservation period if you miss your reservation.

If the observatory roof is closed and you have a reservation, the reservation will become active when the roof opens.


Launch-a-Plan is part of the reservation system, it allows you to schedule a plan in advanced to be executed at your nominated date and time. Our system will then start the plan on your behalf.

Acceptable Use of Resevation System

  • All members are allowed one reservation each evening for a minimum of 15 minutes per telescope.

  • All subscription plans now have a maximum number of hours they may reserve at a time across all telescopes following the table below.

  • Any member found to be cancelling reservations excessively will first receive a warning from iTelescope Staff.

  • Any member who does not show or run a plan during a Standard Reservation (No-Plan) when the observatory is open and conditions are suitable for imaging may be charged a 20 point fee. The 20 point charge will NEVER apply to any Launch-a-Plan (LAP) reservation.

  • Failure to follow these Policies after initial warnings will result in Reservation Suspension and eventually forfeit of all points and Account Closure if a member continues to abuse the Reservation System.

Full Text of Acceptable Usage Policy - Link



Calibration Frames

All image data coming off the network is offered in a uncalibrated and pre-calibrated format. If you wish to use uncalibrated data you can download bias, darks and flat frames from our library located on the FTP server.

You may also take darks and bias data at any time, however you will be charged for this at the nominated hourly rate if the roof is open. You can take bias and darks free of charge if the observatory roof is closed.

Image File Format

All monochromatic CCD images are offered in a 16bit FITS format.

Single Shot Color CCD will be offered in its raw and colour converted 16-FITS format.

16bit TIFF format is available by selecting the TIFF option in the advance mode settings.

Image Processing

Imaging processing and associated software is the responsibility of the member. Please visit our FAQ section and video guides on how to process your images. We are happy to facilitate fee for service image processing support from other members. Please contact us via our support website for this service.


Our telescopes can send your image data directly to the AAVSO VPHOT server for photometric analysis. VPHOT requires AVVSO membership. Once the image data leaves iTelescope.Net, we are no longer in control of that data, please refer to the AAVSO VHOT policy statement.

Complex Observing Plans

If you have a complex observing requirement please contact us via our support website, we will assist you in designing a observing plan.

Telescope Rates

When you login to the launchpad the current telescope rates are displayed, the rates vary based on your membership plan, promotions and the current moon discount. All detailed telescope rates for your plan can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to apply a minimum charge to cover the cost of delivery for our service and telescope occupation. This will be stated in your usage receipt. Current Minimum Charge is 3 (three) points per imaging session.

Usage Receipts

After each session a detailed usage receipt will be send to you via email, including a breakdown of the fees and charges, jpeg preview images, all sky camera and weather information.

Account Closure

iTelescope.Net reserves the right to close accounts without notice that attempt to hack, abuse or try to circumvent our security systems, including blocking you IP address in our firewall and reporting your electronic identification footprint to your local law enforcement office.

A member can request their account to be closed by sending an email to support@itelescope.net, the request will be verified and then the account closed.

multiple accounts

iTelescope.Net does not allow more than one account per person, except in the cases of group accounts or where prior approval has been given.  We reserve the right to close and refund accounts without notice that attempt to bypass these restrictions.

A member can request their account to be closed by sending an email to support@itelescope.net, the request will be verified and then the account closed.


iTelescope.Net sends out an email newsletter, subscription to our newsletter can be controlled via this website.  The newsletter will contain news, updates, events, promotions and discounts from time to time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Members have full intellectual property rights over all data acquired by them when using iTelescope.Net systems. iTelescope.Net will periodically inspect image data coming off the network for the purposed of quality control. iTelescope.Net will not publish or share any of your data without your expressed permission.

Quality of Image Data

iTelescope.Net will refund points on image data you are unsatisfied with, period. A credit request can be made via our support website. We reserve the right to evaluate these requests and may provide you with advice to ensure that future desired results are to your standard.

Customer Service Response Times

Requests made via our support website are typically responded to between 1 and 4 hours of lodging the support request. Most requests are fully resolved between 12 and 24 hours.

Phone Support

At any stage you can request speak to a representative over the phone, please submit a support request asking for someone to call you, please advise us of your preferred contact method, and the best time to call you and the city and country you are calling from. We speak English and German.  You can also reach us directly via the contact methods listed here.

Image Data Download

Image data is typically ready for download from our high speed FTP server within 5 to 10 mins of the exposure being complete from our New Mexico and Spain observatory sites. Please access this guide for access information.

Image Data Retention

All data is stored on our FTP server for 90 days. It is the members responsibility to download all image data. We will not provide refunds for image data that has been deleted after the 90 day period.

Trading Hours

Customer Support

We have someone on call 24/7 to respond to customer requests when the observatories are open. Please visit the support website at support.itelescope.net or email support@itelescope.net

Head Office and Adminstration

Please email support@itelescope.net to arrange a suitable time for a telephone call appointment.