20 publicly accessible telescopes across 4 observatories, located in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, that are fully controlled by you across the Internet.

Ready to take the next step and participate? Become a member and join the community.  iTelescope.Net is a not-for-profit organisation, and every dollar spent helps us grow and expand the network of telescopes.



Large aperture telescopes to wide field systems, LRGB or Narrowband, we have you covered.

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Photometry, Exo-Planets, Comets, Asteroids, NEOs, Minor Planets, Supernova and Variable Stars. We even have a diffraction grating allowing basic spectroscopy.

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Depressing weeks of clouds and light pollution at home is no issue any longer - crystal clear and dark skies are just a few clicks away. iTelescope has opened many new doors of potential study that would otherwise not have been realised.
— DAMIAN PEACH, Astrophotgrapher