Refund Policy

 1) iTelescope.Net recommends new members try out our service via a demonstration account, this allows new members to become familiar with our service offering before committing to a full subscription.

2) All memberships are based on a twenty eight day term (unless otherwise specified), and if at any time during that term you feel that service offered is not as described, iTelescope.Net will refund the full purchase price of your last subscription transaction.

3) Points purchased have a twenty eight day refund term if you feel that the service offered is not as described.

4) If your credit card has been used without your authorisation, we will refund the transaction amount in full.

5) Typically refund claims are processed within 24 hours and take 48-72 hours for the funds to be returned to your account.

6) It is the members responsibility to cancel the subscription before the next renewal date.

7) Cancellation request can be made via:

Cancel Subscription button at
Support Website:

8) If your account remains inactive for more than one year with no billing subscription, you will lose your points balance in your account.

9) At any time you can re-start a subscription by subscribing to any membership plan.

10) If your account contains a points balance, and you do not have an active subscription, your usage rate will be charged at full list price, as displayed in the launchpad at the time of logon. It is recommended that you renew a subscription if you wish to continue to use the network.

11) Special projects outside the scope of subscriptions and points transactions will have their own special terms and conditions at time of sale.