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iTelescope Basics- Refractor or Reflector?


A telescope is a device that gathers light and then makes it possible to see objects that are farther away than the human eye can reach. The two major types of telescopes differ in how they use magnification and the focusing of light, as well as how they capture the image from incoming light..


Refractor (iTelescope T12)


Reflector (iTelescope T31)

The Refractor telescope uses lenses to bring images into sharp focus. Reflecting telescopes use mirrors to gather and focus light. Reflectors can collect more light since their apertures are a lot larger. They are mainly used for deep space imaging. Refractors on the other hand are used to image beautiful details of large objects such as wide nebulae and nearby galaxies.


iTelescope has a wide range of telescopes for you to explore. Login to a telescope and then take a look at the preview image of the last run to give you an idea of what to expect. You can also use the iTelescope Planner to help find objects and choose the right telescope. Here is an overview of all telescopes. Happy imaging and clear skies!