Pricing Overview

iTelescope.Net is a membership based service that operates on subscription plans. We are a not for profit organisation, with profits used to grow and expand the network of telescopes.  It is only because of our loyal members that we are able to provide this service to the community.

      Membership plans grant a set number of points per month.  Each telescope has a usage rate, expressed in 'points per imaging hour', and in most cases you only pay for your exposure time.  Telescope usage rates are discounted based upon your membership plan.

      Rates are displayed live when you login to our launchpad system, and we also provide a comparison page to allow you to evaluate our other plans and associated telescope rates. 

      Some of the benefits of using iTelescope

      • Pristine Dark Sky locations with superior atmospheric seeing in Northern and Southern Hemispheres
      • No need for a large costly outlay, and we have a large selection of research grade telescopes
      • All the maintenance is done for you, and you get to image from the comfort of your own home or workplace

      When you register an account you are credited with 40 additional points, which can be used once you select your first membership subscription. Test out the network, give it a go. If you have any questions or are not satisfied, visit our support site or email our support department, and we will refund your subscription back.