Additional Information

Imaging Cost
If the 'points per imaging hour' rate for a given Telescope is 60 points per imaging hour and you take 6 x 5 minute images you will be billed for 30 points on a moonless night:

6 images x 300 seconds / 3600 seconds in a hour = 0.5 imaging hours
0.5 imaging hours * 60 points per imaging hour = 30 points billed

We also provide a Moon discount. The greater the Moon's illumination the greater the discount, with up to 50% off telescope rates.

Plan Allocations
Each plan has a set allocation of points that is credited and accumulate to your account in a 28 day billing cycle, a variable 'points per imaging hour' rate for each telescope on the network, and a set reservation time allocation (quota).

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  Your remaining points stay valid in your account for 12-months, and you can continue to use the telescopes at the "No Plan" rate. Subscription plans start at $20 USD per 28-day cycle.

Plans Options
We offer a number of plans based on the requirements of the member, typically higher tiered plans offer a lower access rate for a given telescope, and a larger amount of points allocated each month. We bill in USD, GBP, EUR and AUD, and accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.

Additional Points
If you are running short on points, additional points can be purchased at any time.  The minimum purchase is 50 points. 

Change Plans / Cancel
At any stage, you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your plan.  Your points will remain active for 12 month after you cancel your plan.

This is remote Astronomy. We understand that sometimes things can go wrong. Be it a gust of wind, satellite track or passing cloud etc ruining your image. When this is the case you can use our refund system to have your points refunded. 

We support adhoc imaging, whereby you can login to a telescope if it's free and start running an observing sessions.  We also provide a calendar driven reservation system that allows you to book time in advance or even allow you to start a predefined plan at a given date and time. 

Imaging Data
Imaging data from the telescopes are sent directly to our image data repository server, you can login in directly and retrieve your image files, typically in FITS (calibrated/uncalibrated), TIFF and Jpeg.

How do I start using the telescopes?
First register an account and then select a plan and subscribe, after that you can start using the telescopes.