ALERT! URGENT "Tabby's Star" KIC 8462852 dimming again, Photometry required
Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 11:54PM
Ian Musgrave in Alerts, Astrometry, alert, variable star

Location of Tabby's star, other wise known as Boyajian's Star, KIC 8462852and TYC 3162-665-1 as seen from Mayhill, New Mexico. The 12th magnitude star is in Cygnus, approximately between alpha and delta Cygni. The field of view of T05 is indicated, click to embiggen.

Photometry is urgently required for "Tabby's Star", (TYC 3162-665-1, KIC 8462852). Originally identified by by Tabetha Boyajian in the Kepler data it is most intriguing because of larger irregular dips in brightness which could not be explained by exoplanets.

The reasons for this are unclear, and everything from disintegrating cometary clouds and alien megastrucures have been proposed.

Now another significant fall in brightness after the first earlier this year is occuring (see here for magnitude graph).

Observations are urgently required to follow this dimming in multiple wavelengths. Full details of what is required for observations are here . The AAVSO also have magnitude comparison charts to follow the star over this dimming.

The star is in Cygnus approximately between alpha and delta Cygni. It is only observable from Northern Scopes, between astroinomical twilight in the evening to astronomical twilight in the morning.

Coordinates (J2000):  RA 20 06 15.46 , Dec +44 27 24.8

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