UPDATE! Asteroid 2008 GO98 retains coma and tail, continued observation requested.
Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 10:56PM
Ian Musgrave in Asteroid, Asteroids, Comet, Comets, Outburst, outburst

Location of hilda type asteroid2008 GO98 as seen from SSO at transit (midnight local time). The rectangle is the field of view of T09.

As outlined in MPEC 2017-N50 : COMETARY ACTIVITY IN (457175) 2008 GO98 the Hilda type asteroid 2008 GO98 has displayed cometary like activity.

After several weeks of observation cometary activity of this object is still occurring, making it more likely this is an outburst of a previously dormant comet. On going observation is requested.

The asteroid is in an exclet position for observation from both northern and southern hemisphere telescopes, being visible from around 11 pm to astronomical twilight above alpha Equllus.

However, it will be a challenge to image being at magnitude 18 (brighter than the predicted 18.6) and will require deep exposures with narrow field instruments.

 The MPEC one line ephemeris is:

j7175   12.9   0.15 K1794  47.05002   53.42004  192.60962   15.57158  0.2805399  0.12496973   3.9621675  0 MPO413525   297   8 2001-2017 0.54 M-v 38h MPC        0000 (457175) 2008 GO98          20170706

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